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Mission statement:

Supporting agencies in maintaining their community’s emergency
response vehicles that we all count on in time of need.

Supporting Agencies: The emergency response agency is our customer. We work for them and answer
directly to them. Their can be a large difference in the expected level of repairs performed across
multiple departments. Think: If this truck would be coming to my house fire, how would I fix this? If I had
to pay 5% of the bill, what can be done more efficiently? Then our duty is to discuss with AHJ and decide
on the solution.

Community’s emergency vehicles: Taxpayers and donations buy emergency vehicles. Each community
with or without knowledge entrusts their ‘first due’ department in providing them 911 response,
including ourselves. Therefore, it is really the communities apparatus and we are really working for
ourselves in a small way. Fire apparatus are very expensive. They are built with care in the U.S.A. There
is never a pressure for keeping costs low while troubleshooting a problem. The problem must be fixed,
not the symptom. Technical support is readily available. An intense feeling of value creation is felt on
completing a repair.

We all count on in time of need: Just like we depend on military for our nation’s freedom, we depend on
first responders, volunteer and career, to respond to 911 calls. Putting aside the plethora of non￾emergent calls, when you or I dial 911 it will be for an emergency that is very real to us. At such a time,
money couldn’t buy the service we are requesting.

This business could not have been created without the many people who have inspired ideas, provided
guidance and encouragement, and financial support. I am very thankful for what is and is to come. May
we never be successful to the point at which we lose our gratitude, and the willingness to accept new
concepts and feedback. Or that we forget those who trusted us with their repairs to begin building
experience and a reputation.


About us:

Fox’s Repair started by selling and repairing starters and alternators. Founded by myself, Peter Fox, in March of 2017, the main focus was, and is, to perform quality work with communication and transparency that keeps us and you, the customer, on the same page. The business was operated while still working a full time job. In the spring of 2018, I attended Hale Products Pump school and became EVT certified to work on Fire pumps and accessories. Fox’s Repair then obtained business liability insurance and we began on location pump maintenance and repairs. In the spring of 2019 I attended Waterous Company’s pump school. During the same time, a service truck was purchased to allow us to better travel and perform repairs. Having a history of working on portable generators and currently alternators, I attended training on standby generators. With these recent expansions, a new location and larger building was needed. This is our current location where we continue to grow with support of our customers.

Mobile Service Truck



Please contact us for any questions

Fox's Repair, LLC

221 Old River Rd
Bridgewater, VA 

Call or Text: (540) 879-8446
Email: peter@foxsrepair.com

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 7a - 5p
Saturday: 8a - 1p

We provide service in house
as well as mobile service.

For after emergency after 
hours assistance please call.


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