Equipment diagnosis


Wish you could talk to your equipment? We want to make this very easy for you. To include computer diagnosis, reading error codes, and any other related trouble shooting. With implementation of emissions regulations, electronic engine control is inevitable. Please note, we do NOT support any deletes or make tunes. We diagnose and fix problems.

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Brands we currently support:

CNH (Case construction, Case Agricultural, New Holland Construction, New Holland Agricultural, Iveco, FPT)

Cummins Engines

Vehicles: Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury

We look forward to adding more brands as demand allows.

Electronics such as this are often regarded with some form of either like or dislike. While it is inconvenient for the independent person trying to repair his own equipment to afford diagnostic equipment, electronic control is the way of the future. Rather than avoiding these machines, we want to help bring them down to earth at a price that is cheaper than the cost of avoiding the service.

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