Focused Power Generation



Our Focused Power Generators begin with the driving force, the engine. Made by Fiat Powertrain Technologies, which has acquired Iveco, and are used in Case IH and New Holland applications along with becoming very popular on generators. Made in Italy, they are designed with Innovation and Reliability. Some superior features of these engines are that they meet new Tier III emissions requirements for standby use without the use of Exhaust gas recirculation or variable geometry turbos. This means a less complicated engine with less moving parts that fail, and makes FPT a very reliable engine that can be depended upon for years to come.


The next component to focus on is the generator. Not only must the engine run dependably, but the generator also needs to charge. WEG Electric Coop was initially founded in 1961 by three men in Brazil, each of their initials is now the company name. WEG generators are among the best. Some features include permenant magnets that eliminate the need for a generator to ever need to be ‘flashed’, even after sitting for long periods of time. Their voltage regulators are powered by a separate winding then those that produce power, allowing a very fast recover from a full load. Click here to read more about this. Also, all generators are 12 lead generators. Why is this significant? 12 lead generators can be wired for single phase, three phase, 120-240, 120-208, 480, etc by simply reconnecting the field windings. Economy generators are 3 lead, and made to order for your specific need, which substantially reduces resale value.


Our gensets are monitored and controlled by Controls, Inc. These controls work on both mechanical as well as electronic engines. They are capable of monitoring all engine sensors and sending an alarm in the case of low battery voltage or low engine temperature if a block heater fails. Also while running, they monitor generator output, and will alarm or shutdown to prevent damage to electronics if something fails. All generator run times, alarms, etc, are stored in an event log which makes pinpointing any trouble conditions easy. These controls are also easily fitted to a current genset as an upgrade.


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